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Is neck or back pain affecting your quality of life?

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Chiropractic can help back pain and correct subluxations


Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems. Improper functioning of the joints of the spine, or subluxations, can cause poor health and reduce your body’s ability to adapt to its environment. Chiropractors use gentle spinal adjustments to correct these subluxations, allowing your body to heal naturally without the use of drugs or surgery.

Massage Therapy 

Whether you are dealing with pain and discomfort or looking to improve your health and well-being, massage is a great way to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Massage can help you relax and relieve the tension associated with the modern, high-stress lifestyle. Our massage therapist is trained in a variety of different techniques, and will work with you to find the best approach to address your concerns. Massage is also a great complement to chiropractic care, helping to speed the injury rehabilitation process and restore a full range of functionality and mobility to the body.

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Choose a variety of nutritious foods to keep yourself healthy

Nutrition Counseling 

Proper nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, vital for good health and well-being. This means eating a healthy diet, full of variety, that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. Many diseases and conditions are caused by poor eating habits. Schedule an appointment today to explore how your diet is affecting your health. Small changes in diet can have a huge impact on your health.

Lifestyle Advice 

Many patients visit our office to address specific symptoms such as back pain, neck pain or headaches. While we will address each of these conditions with chiropractic care, it is often helpful to also provide advice on living a healthier lifestyle. For example, there may be activities you should avoid in order to prevent unintentionally aggravating your health challenge. This may also include supplements or corrective exercise advice. Our patient-centered approach addresses the whole, unique, person. Addressing the underlying stresses and using a personalized healing plan restores balance and optimal health to the body. 

Health has many important components. It's important to look at all aspects of health and wellness with a qualified healthcare professional.

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